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Tips for Buying Mexican Insurance Prior to Your Trip Like any other car insurance contract, Mexican car insurance is essentially a contract which ties an insured person to an insurance company. With your agreement to pay the premium comes the company’s commitment to pay for your losses as stated in the policy. Offered by Mexican car insurance is property, responsibility and medical coverage. Property coverage obliges the company to replace the car if stolen or pay for damages; responsibility covers legal liability for body injuries or property damages due to the accident; and lastly, medical coverage provides that this legal responsibility of the insurer also includes the financial aspect, including funeral costs and lost wages. Mexican car insurance typically has six kinds of coverage. Some companies will make you get all, while others will recommend just a few. Moreover, liability is when you need to pay money to other parties outside of yourself and the other occupants of your car. The component of culpability of the insurance includes damages that you may cause other vehicles or properties during the accident. It covers costs of bodily injuries that you might have caused other people. Let’s say you got involved in a serious accident in Mexico, where you hit at least two cars and caused injuries upon one or two people. As soon as it is determined that you are legally responsible for the incident, you will be made to reimburse all the medical bills incurred for the treatment of the injured parties, and the costs of fixing their car. Your insurance policy’s liability component, liability only or full coverage, will pay for these costs up to the limitations of the policy.
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As per Mexican law, you have to provide proof of liability from an insurer that maintains operations in Mexico. Some American insurers may extend the coverage of complete and collision risks within a distance of the border, but this will not satisfy Mexican legal requirements. You should get liability only for Mexico cover at the very least. If you get in an accident in Mexico and you can’t show proof that you have the right cover, you will be imprisoned and your car impounded.
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This is why before you trip to Mexico, you have to ensure that you have the right coverage working for you. Just talk to an agent and you will know what you need specifically. They will be happy to give you suggestions and they actually know what coverage you need to provide you enough protection. Of course, you still get the final call, but it’s advisable to heed an expert’s advice. Aside from that, you should also be willing to do a little homework. Don’t think taking Mexican car insurance is not important as it can actually be a source of trouble for you.